NZ Greenstone kawakawa flower Pounamu triple koru

NZD $552.00 ($480.00 EX GST)


N.z Greenstone kawakawa flower Pounamu triple koru


Pounamu is harder than steel, however it is still vulnerable to shock and impact.  So don’t drop it! (Na, kidding, but really, don’t drop it!) Pounamu will absorb your natural body oils, so doesn’t require any special cleaning products.  Sometimes when we go through emotional trauma, we may feel our Pounamu taonga requires a ‘cleanse’.  This can be done simply through wai (water). Nylon can be wet with no issues, it is waxed so it remains water resistant.  We recommend keeping an eye on your cord!  Its the holder of your taonga (treasure).  Lifespan depends on the individual wearer.  Over time the wax will wear off.  You can re-wax it by running the cord through plain uncoloured candle wax.  Chlorine from pools will speed up the deterioration of nylon over time.


The Koru symbolises the new fern shoot. It represents growth, harmony and new beginnings. It can also represent yourself or your family – your journey through life.